Web Banking

With HABIBMETRO Web Banking service, now you can access your bank account 24/7 anytime, anywhere.

  • Account Balance update
  • Debit/credit advice
  • Internal fund transfer
  • Inter bank fund transfer
  • Utility bill payments services
  • Mobile Top-Up
  • Temporary card blocking
  • Cheque stop payments
  • Standing instructions
    (within HABIBMETRO)

Online shopping through KEENU NetConnect is an innovative digital banking service in Pakistan which facilitates direct and safe payment from customers’ bank accounts for online purchases without the usage of a debit card.
All registered HABIBMETRO Web Banking users can avail this service at the following online merchants:

Step 1: Visit website of online merchant, select required product(s) and check-out

Step 2: Select ‘KEENU NetConnect’ as Payment Method

Step 3: Select HABIBMETRO Bank from the drop-down menu

Step 4: You will now be re-directed to HABIBMETRO Bank’s Web Banking Login. Proceed with entering required details and follow web banking process.

HABIBMETRO WEB BANKING Registration Procedures

HABIBMETRO WEB BANKING Registration Procedure
Customers enrolled through HabibMetro Web Banking Services will also be entitled to use HabibMetro Mobile Banking App with the same Web Banking Username & Password. Following are few easy steps to enroll through Web Banking Platform:

Step # 1 Login into “HabibMetro Web Banking” with your temporary PIN i.e. Username & Password collected from the branch after applying through the application form.
Step # 2 After successful login, you need to create your user profile by providing user registration details i.e UserName, NewPassoword and Setting of Secret Questions before submission.
Step # 3 Click on “Get Verification Code” for generating “One Time Password (OTP)” which will be received on your registered mobile number &/or email address with the Bank.
Step # 4 Enter Verification Code in the required field & click “Save Change” by agreeing Terms & Conditions.
Step # 5 After successful registration through Web Banking Channel you can also download HabibMetro Mobile Banking App from Google Play Store &/or iOS App Store according to the mobile device operating software and can conveniently use your

Note: HabibMetro customers, who will enroll through Web Banking Platform i.e. applying through Branch Directly can also login on Mobile Application from Google Play Store &/or iOS App Store using the same username and password. User Name initially created through any of these channels will work on both web & mobile platforms.