Exclusive Shariah Compliant Current, Savings Accounts and Term Deposits

We provide more than just a bank account; we have a continuously evolving relationship with you.

  • Current Account

Experience the best-in-class current accounts that comprise unlimited transactional facilities with a wide range of specialized privileges. Our current accounts offer transactional convenience and ease of banking.

  • Savings Account

Reap the rewards of your wealth with our flagship savings accounts that are tailor-made to your exclusive lifestyle.

  • Unlimited Transaction Facilities
  • Attractive Profit Rates
  • Flexible Profit Payments (Monthly/Quarterly/Half-Yearly)

By maintaining a HABIBMETRO SIRAT PRIORITY Shariah compliant deposit account with us, you become an exclusive member of a proposition that opens up a world of free unmatched services and benefits, which include:

  • Cheque Book Issuance
  • Pay Order Issuance
  • Demand Drafts (Drawn on HABIBMETRO)
  • VISA Infinite Metal Debit Card*
  • ATM Takaful Coverage
  • Rent Free Locker
  • Online Banking (within HABIBMETRO)
  • Same Day Clearing
  • Intercity Clearing
  • SMS (All transactions)
  • Web Banking
  • Inter Bank Funds Transfer (IBFT)
  • ATM Cash withdrawal (Local) at another Bank
  • Balance Confirmation Certificate
  • Account Maintenance Certificate
  • Account Statement
  • Duplicate Statements
  • E – Statements
  • Stop Payments
  • Pay Order Cancellation
  • Demand Draft Cancellation
  • Standing Instructions
  • Utility Bills Payment Services
  • Replacement of Debit Card**


*(a) Issuance + Annual fee waived for primary SIRAT PRIORITY customer

(ii) 50% waiver of Issuance + Annual fee for the spouse of primary SIRAT PRIORITY customer

(iii) Charges as per SIRAT SOC will apply for the son/daughter of the primary SIRAT PRIORITY customer

(iv) Free-of-cost priority banking services are offered to both current and saving account holders.

**Fee for replacement of VISA Infinite Metal Debit Card is free once per customer per year

For more details, please call our Priority helpline at 021-111-1(HABIB)42242.