• HIIC stands for Habib Islamic Investment Certificate. This is a term deposit account and opened on “Mudarabah” basis. The relation of the HIIC holder and the Bank is that of Mudarib / Rabb-ul-Maal. The Bank is the Mudarib and the depositors are Rabb-ul-Maal/Investors. Instead of fixed return, HIIC carries a pro-rata profit that is actually earned by the Bank through investments in various modes of Islamic finance.

  • In the event of loss, HIIC holders or depositors of PLS accounts and the Bank bear the same in the ratio of their respective investments.

  • Currently, HABIBMETRO through it's Islamic Banking Division operating with the brand of SIRAT is providing financing facilities to its valued customers through the following products /modes which are approved by the Shariah Board of the Bank and the State Bank of Pakistan.

    Diminishing Musharakah
    Al Bai

  • Yes, the Bank sometimes grant their share as HIBA (from its own share of profit) to meet the customer's expected profit rate.

  • In case of defaults by the customers, the customer has undertaken in the relevant facility agreements with HabibMetro Islamic Banking that they will pay an agreed percentage/amount to be utilized by the Bank on their behalf for charitable & social welfare purposes as approved by the Shariah and other authorities of the Banks.