Customized Bancatakaful Solutions

Unlock the world of financial security with our exclusive Bancatakaful Solutions designed specifically for our valued PRIORITY customers. HABIBMETRO SIRAT, in collaboration with multiple renowned Takaful partners, brings you comprehensive protection and Shariah compliant investment opportunities like never before. Our Bancatakaful Solutions encompass a comprehensive suite of Shariah Compliant products, including:

  • High Allocation Unit Linked Plan
  • Global Health Takaful
  • Travel Takaful
  • Retirement & Savings Plan
  • Education & Marriage Plan

With Bancatakaful, you gain the convenience of accessing a wide range of Takaful products and services under one roof. Whatever your Takaful needs may be our offerings have been carefully curated to provide you with comprehensive coverages.

For more details, please call our Priority helpline at 021-111-1(HABIB)42242.