Application Criteria

Visit a designated HABIBMETRO Bank/SIRAT branch near you and fill out an application form (available in both English and Urdu); our Credit Officers will be available to provide you with any required assistance.

The following documents are required in application submission:

  • Complete business plan of the project/enterprise/profile
  • Attested Copy of Computerized National ID card (CNIC)
  • Tax Returns
  • Document(s) of property offered as security
  • Audited accounts (if a loan is more than 15 million) / Financials for last two years preferably
  • Valuation of stock, plant and machinery
  • Personal Guarantee(s)
  • Bank statement(s) of sponsor

Once the applicant has provided the requested information along with attested documents, the process takes around 30 days after initial assessment and documentary evidence verification. Any delays are usually because of inadequate information provided by the borrower.

Sectors for SME Financing

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Paper Products
  • Rubber Products
  • Food Products
  • Fisheries
  • Furniture
  • Plastic Products
  • Textile Machinery Parts
  • Horticulture/ Fruits and Vegetables
  • Auto Components
  • Textile /Apparel
  • Agriculture