PayPak Debit Card

HABIBMETRO PayPak Debit Card enables you to access your bank account 24/7 within Pakistan.

HABIBMETRO PayPak Card is secured with PIN and offer multiple benefits as listed below:


  • Up to Rs. 300,000/- day Branch POS cash withdrawal
  • Up to Rs. 40,000/- day ATM cash withdrawal
  • Up to Rs. 500,000/- day fund transfer (through Web Banking)
  • Up to Rs. 250,000/- day fund transfer (through ATM)
  • Up to Rs. 100,000/- day merchant spending (local)


Card Type HABIBMETRO PayPak Debit Card
Balance Required None
HABIBMETRO Branch Cash Counter POS Limit Rs. 300,000/- Per Day Including ATM Withdrawal
ATM Withdrawal (Local) Limit Rs. 40,000/- Per Day
Merchant POS (Local) Limit Rs. 100,000/- Per Day
Annual Fee Rs 1,800/-
Fund Transfer Limit (Through ATM) Rs. 500,000/- per day through ATM
FT/IBFT/ (MB/IB) Rs. 1,000,000/-

Note: PayPak Debit Card can only be used in local ATMs & Local POS Machines. It cannot be used for e-commerce & international transactions i.e. Internet, online purchasing, International ATM etc.