Promise to Customer – Fair Treatment to Customer (FTC)

Dear Customer,

Thank you for choosing HabibMetro as your bank of choice. We are honored by the trust you place in us by choosing us to safeguard your assets and we promise to meet your expectations through a consistent standard of service at all times. While pledging to continuous improvement in the value we deliver to you, we further promise to:

  • Safeguard your trust and protect your privacy
  • Extend fair treatment and serve you with integrity
  • Always serve you with a smile
  • Keep setting higher benchmarks of customer service and fulfilling the same
  • Offer fair disclosure with respect to terms & conditions and applicable charges
  • Strive towards catering your growing financial needs proactively through a wide-ranging product spectrum
  • Continue to serve your banking requirements through ethical practices
  • Provide you with the best possible service and resolutions for any complaints that you might have regarding our products/services
  • Provide you with access to your funds/account around the clock with a diverse range of alternate delivery channels

Banking conduct plays a vital role in establishing consumer confidence, which is fundamental to the stability & efficiency of any financial institution. The prohibited banking conduct complements and reinforces existing instructions on responsible business conduct issued by State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) from time to time, for conventional as well as Islamic banks.

Prohibition banking conduct guidelines are:


  • To ensure that consumers are not provide with misleading or deceptive information in connection with a service or product.
  • To prevent unreasonable business practices that intimidate or exploit consumers.
  • To prevent business practices that restrict the freedom of consumers to choose between services or products available to them
  • To prevent collusive business practices that may result in unfavorable outcomes to consumers

We are grateful for the opportunity to earn your patronage. Please contact us on to let us know how we can serve you better.