• A suite of banking solutions designed exclusively to meet a (client) company’s payroll/salary disbursement requirements seamlessly, while fulfilling their employees’ (also clients) financial needs with a host of banking privileges.

  • Individual employees of any corporate/commercial entity that maintains an account with HABIBMETRO.

  • The following are the types of the product offered in HABIBMETRO@Work:

    Category Product Nature Criteria
    HABIBMETRO@Work Gold Non-Remunerative Checking Account Monthly Salary between PKR 30,000 – PKR 249,999
    HABIBMETRO@Work Platinum Monthly Salary greater than or equal to PKR 250,000
    HABIBMETRO@Work Payroll Card Prepaid Payroll Card NCS/Contract/ Labour
  • Only PKR is available for the opening and operation of HABIBMETRO@Work.

  • HABIBMETRO@Work can only be offered to a company maintaining an account with HABIBMETRO. Furthermore, HABIBMETRO@Work cannot be offered to walk-in customers in an individual capacity.

  • Yes you can, through HABIBMETRO Internet/Web Banking from your account.

  • Yes, VISA or PayPak debit card depending on salary band.

  • Yes, only on HABIBMETRO@Work Accounts.

  • With HABIBMETRO’s exclusive hPOS feature, where a customer can withdraw money from any HMB branch counter through his/her ATM Debit Card.