Ria Money Transfer

Beneficiaries can receive cash at HABIBMETRO Bank’s branches across Pakistan, through Ria Money Transfer.

Ria Money has a global reach of over 321,000 local agents in more than 146 countries and promises to shorten the distance between families and their loved ones through their money transfer service.

Ria Money is a secure service that allows beneficiaries to receive money from any location across the world in a few minutes.

How Can You Receive Your Money?

You can collect your payment from any branch of HABIBMETRO in just three simple steps:

  • Ask the remitter for your specific 11-digit reference number.
  • Visit any HABIBMETRO Bank branch with the reference number (given to you by remitter) and original CNIC (or passport).
  • Provide the details to the designated branch staff, present your CNIC/ Passport, and collect payment immediately from the counter.

For more details about locations, agents and Ria Money Transfer charges, please visit or contact us on 111-1-HABIB(42242)