Sirat PLS Saving Plus Account

SIRAT PLS Saving Plus account is opened on the basis of “Modarabah”, where the Bank acts as “Modarib” (i.e Manager) and the Depositors are considered as “Rab-ul-Maal” (i.e. Depositor). This account is designed to deliver attractive monthly profit payouts for sole proprietors / partnerships and corporates.


  • Sole Proprietors
  • Partnership
  • Companies


  • Initial deposit required to open account: Rs 1000/-
  • Deposits are invested by the Bank in strict accordance with Shariah compliant principles
  • Profit is shared between PLS depositors and the Bank on basis of predetermined profit sharing ratio
  • Depositors and the Bank will bear the same ratio of their respective investment in the event of loss
  • Monthly profit/loss payments calculated on daily product basis
  • Profit rates announced on monthly basis

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How To Apply

For more information, please visit a HABIBMETRO SIRAT branch/Islamic Banking desk near you or contact us on 111-1 (HABIB)42242.