Sirat Asaan Saving Account

SIRAT Assan Saving Account of Habib Metro SIRAT is a profit/loss sharing account which has been designed specifically on mudharabah basis. The account holder of saving account is being treated as financer (سرمایہ کار) and the bank works as fund manager (مضارب/منیجر). Habib Metro SIRAT does business of different types in compliance of instructions and guide lines of shariah supervisory board and distributes the gross profit earned on that business among account holders as per pre-agreed ratio/weightage. The loss if any is to be borne by the investors as per their investment ratio. Habib Metro SIRAT cannot be involved in shariah prohibited business. This is the simplest account for low income persons to get bank account for their daily need transactions.


  • Individuals (Single or joint capacity)
  • Pakistani Nationals only
  • Only one account per CNIC (cannot maintain any other regular account at HABIBMETRO)

Applicable Limits

  • Total withdrawal allowance per month : Rs. 500,000
  • Total deposit balance limit : Rs. 500,000
  • HIIC Facility: allowed; however, the amount of the HIIC facility will be clubbed in calculating the total allowed credit balance of Rs. 500,000

Takaful Coverage

  • Minimum qualifying average balance: Rs. 15,000/-
  • Maximum sum insured: Rs. 500,000/-
  • Minimum relationship of 6 months
  • Free Takaful amounting to the 6 monthly average balance will be provided in case of death

Free Benefits

First Cheque Book

Web Banking

Half yearly Account Statements

Zakat, WHT and other Levies: All saving accounts are subject to Zakat (as per regulation), withholding tax and other government levies as applicable from time to time

How to Apply

To apply or get more information, please visit a HABIBMETRO SIRAT branch/Islamic Banking desk near you or contact us on 111-1 (HABIB)42242 .