Sirat Brand Mission & Philosophy


Building on our legacy of trust, HABIBMETRO brings to you Shari’ah compliant banking solutions. Driven by our promise of service with security and strong ethical standards, we ensure that you remain close to your beliefs and stay ahead of the competition.

Brand Philosophy

HABIBMETRO Bank’s Islamic Banking identity, SIRAT, is a reflection of the Bank’s vision and core values. In Arabic, SIRAT means ‘path’ or ‘direction’. It signifies a path to success, and symbolizes the service ideology of HABIBMETRO Bank: to be a trusted partner to its stakeholders.

SIRAT has been founded upon HABIBMETRO Bank’s resolution and commitment to maintain the highest standards of Shariah compliance with innovative financial offerings and unparalleled customer service. SIRAT, as a brand, is based on the very precept of its name which has its roots in the values and principals upheld by the Habib family in over 100 years of international business.

S –  Security                 

 I –  Integrity

R –  Reliability             

A –  Accessibility

T –  Trust