HABIBMETRO Islamic Investment Certificates (HIIC)

HabibMetro Islamic Investment Certificate (HIIC) is one of the opportunities to earn halal profit from Habib Metro Bank SIRAT. It is available in PKR and USD, with multiple tenures to suit different investment needs and requirements. The basics of designing this certificate is mudaraba where depositor fixes his investment for a certain time period on a fix rate to earn profit on the maturity of this certificate and the bank does business through this investment. All mudaraba rules and regulations are to be followed in these certificates. The certificate holder is being treated as financer (سرمایہ کار) and the bank works as fund manager (مضارب/منیجر). Habib Metro SIRAT does business of different types according to the instructions and guide lines of shariah board and distributes the profit among account holders as per pre-agreed ratio/weightage. The loss is shared as per investment ratio. Habib Metro SIRAT cannot be involved in shariah prohibited business. These certificates may be rolled over / re-invested after maturity.


  • Minimum amount of investment: Rs.25,000/-.
  • Profits and losses are shared by the partners according to the Islamic Shariah
  • Available in tenures of 1, 3, 6 months and 1, 2, 3, 5 years.
  • Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-annual profit payment options are available for investments of 12 months and above
  • Profit credited to linked account automatically
  • Profit is distributed as per predetermined weightages after deducting management fee
  • Also available in USD currency

How To Apply

To apply or get more information, please visit a HABIBMETRO SIRAT branch/Islamic Banking desk near you or contact us on 111-1-(HABIB)42242.