Financing Facilities

Working Capital Finance

  • Murabaha Financing (PKR)
  • Murabaha Financing (Under FE-25)
  • Al-Bai Finance
  • Istisna Financing
  • Salam

Import Financing

  • Murabaha Financing PAD
  • Murabaha Finance – Import
  • Murabaha Finance Import – Under FE25

Long Term Financing For Fixed Assets

  • Diminishing Musharaka / Ijarah


Collateral/security may vary from product to product. Commonly used collateral/security include:

  • Mortgages (Urban property)
  • Hypothecation of plants & machinery/stocks
  • Lien on Deposits/Term Certificates

Contact Persons


Mr.Iqbal Dossani, Unit Head Credits – IBD,
Email: iqbal.dossani@habibmetro.com
Cell No: 0300-2164982

North I
Syed Shahid, Head of Credit – North I
Email: shahid.hussain@habibmetro.com
Cell No. 0300-2522514

North II
Mr. Babar Khokhar, Head of Credit – North II
Email: babar.khokhar@habibmetro.com
Cell No. 0321-9557399

For more information or assistance with application, please visit a HABIBMETRO/SIRAT branch near you.