Visa Debit Card

A Visa Debit Card that aims to deliver convenience and accessibility with its benefits, including free ATM insurance coverage.

  • Free ATM withdrawal insurance**
  • Up to Rs. 500,000/- day Branch POS cash withdrawal
  • Up to Rs. 200,000/- day ATM cash withdrawal
  • Up to Rs. 500,000/- day fund transfer
  • Up to Rs. 300,000/- day merchant and internet spending

**Up to 1.5 km from ATM or 60 minutes from time of transaction.

Platinum Gold Premium
Balance Required Rs. 3M average balance for last 3 months No minimum balance No minimum balance
Cash Counter POS usages (at branch) Limit Rs. 500,000/= Including ATM Withdrawal Rs. 400,000/= Including ATM Withdrawal Rs. 300,000/- Including ATM
ATM Withdrawal (Local + International) Limit Rs. 200,000/- Per Day  (International Capping Rs. 150,000/-) Rs. 100,000/- Per Day  (International Capping Rs.90,000/-) Rs. 75,000/= Per Day  (International Capping Rs. 60,000/-)
Merchant POS+lnternet ( Local+ International ) Limit Rs. 300,000/- Per Day Rs. 200,000/= Per Day Rs. 100,000/- per day
Issuance / Annual Fee Rs 2,400/- Rs 1,500/- Rs 1,250/-
Fund Transfer Limit Rs. 500,000 (Including IB FT) Rs. 500,000 (Including
Rs. 500,000 (Including IBFT)
Card Validity 5 Years 5  Years 5 Years
Flat Fee On Foreign Currency Transaction 3.5% on transaction amount 3.5% on transaction amount 3.5% on transaction amount

Key Contact For Claims:

Mohammad Anis Usman
Tel: 0213-2644435

Key Contact For Card Capture:

Asif Hussain Rizvi
Tel: 0213-2644782
Email: cardoperation@habibmetro.com