Roshan Digital Account

HABIBMETRO proudly presents Roshan Digital account, a State Bank of Pakistan initiative to provide Non-Resident Pakistanis (NRPs) a convenient solution to remit and invest funds into Pakistan for a brighter future for this country.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Non-Resident Individual Pakistani
  • Resident Individual Pakistani who has duly declared assets held abroad, as per wealth statement declared in the latest tax return with Federal Board of Revenue (FBR)*

*Resident individual Pakistanis interested in opening a Foreign Currency Value Account (FCVA) may visit our RDA designated branches to get their account opened. RDA designated branches are listed as follows:

  • DHA Shahbaz Priority in Karachi
  • DHA Z Block in Lahore
  • F-7 Markaz in Islamabad
  • Alfalah Court (for Islamic Banking Sirat only) in Karachi

Account Features

  • No Minimum Balance
  • Can Remit funds into this account through foreign inward remittance via authorized banking channels
  • Current and Savings Account available in PKR, USD, GBP & EURO currencies
  • Available for Conventional and Islamic
  • Hassle-free Repatriation of Funds
  • Invest in Government Securities such as Naya Pakistan Certificates, HMB’s Term Deposit Accounts & Pakistan Stock Market
  • Issuance of Debit Card and Cheque Book*
  • Free Pay Order
  • Free E-Statements
  • Free Web Banking and HMB Mobile App Access
  • Free SMS Alerts for Digital and ADC Transactions
  • 24/7 RDA Support

*Note: For debit card activation and pin generation along with cheque book activation contact our 24/7 helpline.

  • Foreign Currency RDA Customers can register themselves on the HabibMetro Internet Banking Service.
  • Pak Rupee RDA Customers can register themselves for both HabibMetro Internet Banking Service and/or Mobile Banking App.

Naya Pakistan Certificates

Roshan Digital Account (RDA), an SBP initiative for overseas Pakistanis provides these individuals a platform to invest in Pakistan’s future by investing in Naya Pakistan Certificates (NPCs).

These certificates are sovereign government securities that generate high rate of returns for RDA customers that have various tenors ranging from 3-Months to 5-Years available in USD, GBP, EURO and PKR currencies.

The Certificates shall be subscribed by eligible individuals (as defined in Rule 3 of NPC Rules, 2020) through Foreign Currency Value Account (FCVA) or NRP Rupee Value Account (NRVA), being marketed as Roshan Digital Accounts (RDAs) by HMB who include:

  1. Non-Resident Pakistani having National Identity Card.
  2. Foreigners having Pakistan Origin Card
  3. Members of Overseas Pakistanis Foundation
  4. An employee of the Federal Government or a Provincial Government posted abroad

Key Features

  • Available in PKR,Euro,GBP and USD currencies. Pak Rupee RDA customers can invest in PKR denominated certificates and Foreign Currency RDA customers can invest in USD,Euro,GBP denominated certificates
  • Tenors available are 3-month, 6-month, 12-month, 3 Year and 5 Year
  • USD, Euro  & GBP denominated NPCs minimum investment of 5,000 with integral multiples of 1,000 in their respective currencies
  • PKR denominated NPCs Minimum investment of PKR 100,000 with integral multiples of PKR 10,000
  • Early encashment option available
  • No Zakat Deduction

The following rates are available against NPCs before deduction of tax:

Tenor USD Certificate PKR Certificate GBP Certificate Euro Certificate
3-Month 5.50% p.a 9.50% p.a 5.25% p.a 4.75% p.a
6-Month 6.00% p.a 10.00% p.a 5.50% p.a 5.00% p.a
12-Month 6.50% p.a 10.50% p.a 5.75% p.a 5.25% p.a
3-Year 6.75% p.a 10.75% p.a 6.25% p.a 5.50% p.a
5-Year 7.00% p.a 11.00% p.a 6.50% p.a 5.75% p.a

 These rates are subject to W.H.T of 10% currently and subject to change as per the directives of SBP.

Tutorial Video

HABIBMETRO offers Roshan Apni Car facility for Non-Resident Pakistanis (NRPs) and Foreign Nationals having a Pakistan Origin Card. This facility will allow Overseas Pakistanis who hold a Roshan Digital Account at HabibMetro to purchase a vehicle for their loved ones residing in Pakistan.


  • HABIBMETRO RDA Holders are allowed to avail auto financing under this scheme for their loved ones residing in Pakistan.
  • Co-borrower residing in Pakistan is mandatory.
  • New locally manufactured vehicles to be financed
  • Tenure up to 7 years.
  • Monthly installment to be paid through direct debit instructions from Roshan Digital Account.
  • Family members including Father, Mother, Spouse, Siblings are allowed to be the co-borrowers in this loan.

Salaried/Businessmen/ Remittance Based:

  • Maximum age at the time of loan maturity for salaried must be 65 years or retirement age whichever comes first at the completion of the financing tenure.
  • Loan limits from PKR 300,000/- up to PKR 10,000,000/-.
  • Minimum 15% Equity requirement for salaried/ businessmen and remittance-based customers.
  • Maximum installment to be 40% for salaried/ businessmen and 75% of net income for remittance-based customers.

Lien Based Financing:

  • No age requirement for lien-based customers
  • No loan limits for lien-based customers.
  • Lien to be marked on 100% equivalent to net financing amount will be marked on applicant’s IPC/NPC/RDA Deposit and 120% in case of foreign currency account.
  • No equity requirement for lien -based customers.
  • No minimum income requirement.

Loan Calculator:

Please click on the link below to download and calculate your tentative instalment



Rate   Lien Product Non-Lien Product
Floating 7.00%


SBP Floor+1%

(Current SBP Floor = 6%)




(Current 1 Year KIBOR = 8.07%)

Fixed 8.00%



(Current Cost of Deposit = 7%)




(Current 1 Year PKRV) = 7.77%)

2Y 8.25% 10.25%
3Y 8.50% 10.75%
4Y 9.00% 11.00%
5Y 9.25% 11.25%
6Y 9.35% 11.35%
7Y 9.50% 11.50%



  • SBP Floor will be used as proxy for bank cost of funds/deposits; Floor= SBP Floor, currently @ 6%
  • “COD” implies the relevant tenor fixed-rate Deposit, applicable for the month in which the loan is drawn down.
  • Benchmark rates are subject to change as per market conditions

Documentation Requirement as per Segment:

Lien Based Salaried Businessmen Remittance Based
Customer Undertaking to mark lien on collateral Salary Slip (if not provided at the time of RDA Opening) · Tax return or any other proof of income (If not provided at the time of RDA Opening)

· Latest 6 months Bank Statement

Remittances through RDA or any other account (Proof required)


Turn Around Time:

Online application submission till applicant’s consent: 1-2 working days

Applicants’ credit, income checks and verification till approval stage: 1-2 working days

Legal documents signing till loan disbursal stage: 1-2 working days

Post disbursal activities: 1-2 working days

Vehicle Delivery: As mentioned in below table

Delivery Time by Manufacturers (Approximately)
Manufacturer Variants Tentative Delivery Time For RDA Holders
Honda Atlas City 2-3 Months Priority delivery up to half from actual delivery time.
Civic 3 to 4 months
BR-V 2 Months
KIA Sportage 3 Months Priority delivery up to half from actual delivery time.
Picanto 3 Months
Carnival 2 Months
Sorento 4 Months
Toyota Indus Motors Yaris 2 to 3 Months Booking Month + 2
Corolla 1.6 & 1.8 6 to 7 Months
Grande 6 to 7 Months
Revo 6 to 7 Months
Fortuner 6 to 7 Months
Pak Suzuki Alto 2 Months Priority delivery up to half from actual delivery time.
WagonR 2 Months
Cultus 4 Months
Swift 3 Months
Bolan 2 Months
Ravi 2 Months
Hyundai Tuscon 6 to 7 Months Booking Month + 3

*TAT may extend in case of any additional scrutiny, delay at customer’s end or any unforeseen circumstance beyond Bank’s control

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Q: Where can I submit my loan request?

A: Loan applications may be submitted through HabibMetro’s online web banking portal

Q: Who can be co-borrowers for Roshan Apni Car?

A: Family members including Father, Mother, Spouse, Siblings of RDA Holder in HabibMetro Bank are allowed to be co-borrowers.

Q: Would I be able to withdraw from my RDA, in case I am a lien-based customer?

A: You will not be able to withdraw from the lien marked amount only.

Q: Is remittance through banking channel mandatory?

A: Remittance through banking channel is mandatory only for remittance-based segment.

Q: How long will it take to processing my loan?

A: The Bank generally takes 7-10 working days to process the loan provided there is no delay at customer’s end.

Q: Is there any other source of income required for the co-borrower (family member in Pakistan)?

A: No, there is no source of income required for co-borrower.

Q: What is the minimum equity or contribution requirement?

A: The minimum equity or contribution requirement is 15% of car price. For example, if the invoice value of the applied vehicle is PKR 2 Million, the applicant will be required to fund 15% of PKR 2 Million himself/herself. However, there is no equity requirement for lien-based customer.

Q: What is the minimum documentation requirement?

A: The minimum documentation requirement is as following for RDA Holders:

  • Online loan request
  • Bank statement/salary slips/remittance proof (if not provided at the time of account opening)
  • Legal documents will require wet signature of applicant.

Q: Which type of cars can be financed?

A: New, locally manufactured vehicles.

Q: Is there any verification of income required from RDAs?

A: No income verification of RDA Holder is required.

Q: Is verification of co-borrower residing in Pakistan required?

A: Only telephonic verification of co-borrower will be done.

Q: What are the insurance and tracker charges?

A: Please find below table for insurance and tracker rates along with other necessary details.

Auto Finance Insurance Rates For RDA Customers
Adamjee EFU Jubilee UBL Insurers Habib Insurance
Exclusive Rates (Standard Product)
– Without Tracker
– With Tracker
Rates with Add-ons (VAS*)
– Without Tracker
– With Tracker


*Value Added Services
§ Road Accidental Death Cover for loan borrower of sum insured of vehicle or PKR 2.5 Million whichever is less.
§ Health Insurance plan of 20% of Vehicle’s Sum Insured or PKR 500,000 whichever is less. (Applicable for Age limit not more than 60 years)
§ Online unlimited medical consultancy (Sehat Kahani) with Audio and Video call Both options for General Physician + Specialist. Facility available for loan borrower, Spouse and Kids
§ Travel Insurance plan for loan borrower of USD 50,000 (Only applicable for Vehicle with sum insured above PKR. 2 Million).
EFU § Personal accidental death coverage of PKR 2.5 million of the life of policy holder.
§ Full outstanding financed amount to be paid by Jubilee General in the event of accidental death of Roshan Digital Account Holder, anywhere in the world.
§ Free medical expense cover up to PKR 1,000,000/- in case of hospitalization of Roshan Digital Account holder during the trip to Pakistan for 30 days.
§ Rates are applicable up to vehicle value of PKR 10 Million.
UBL Insurer § Personal accidental death coverage of PKR 2.5 million of the life of policy holder.
Habib Insurance § Personal accidental death coverage of PKR 2.5 million of the life of policy
§ Remaining Principle Auto Finance Loan Protection in case of RDA Holder’s death
§ Travel insurance plan upto USD 50,000

HabibMetro representative will contact you or your family member within 2 working days.

Non-Resident Pakistanis (NRP) now have the option to invest in Pakistan’s Stock Market through their HABIBMETRO Roshan Digital Account (RDA) subject to the applicable terms & conditions and any SBP’s directive in this respect. This is an ideal opportunity for overseas Pakistanis to invest/trade in the Stock Market while contributing towards the growth of Pakistan’s economy.

To invest in the PSX, HABIBMETRO RDA customers can open their Central Depository Company (CDC) Account and Trading Account with
selected Broker, digitally, through the following simple steps:

  • Log in to the HABIBMETRO Internet Banking portal.
  • Select the ‘Stock Market Investment’ option
  • Select ‘Broker’; read and accept the Terms & Conditions and Disclaimer
  • On submitting the request, your information will be shared with CDC for processing account opening and related procedures
  • On receiving confirmation/related information from CDC and the Broker you can start investing in the stock market
  • To start trading, transfer your funds via e-collections under the online payments section on Internet Banking.
  • A more detailed process tutorial for the same can be viewed below:

HABIBMETRO Roshan Digital Account (RDA) holders may donate / pay Zakat to the following institutions through internet banking:

Roshan Samaaji Khidmat FAQs

Q1. Can I make donations in Pakistan using my RDA account?

A. Yes, you can donate funds to charity organizations or through zakat from your RDA accounts.

Q2. How  can Imake a donation through my RDA account?

A. You can donate through your RDA account by following the simple steps provided below:

  1. Please login to HabibMetro Internet Banking using your ID and password.
  2.  Please search the Roshan Digital Account tab and click.
  3. Under the Roshan Digital Account tab, please click the Roshan Samaaji Khidmat tab
  4. You will then have options of charitable organizations to choose from to make your donation payment.
  5. You can then enter your desired donation amount, enter the OTP and confirm your donation payment. After the donation, a receipt will be generated providing your donation details for reference.

Q3. Can I donate via my foreign currency account?

A. Yes, you can donate using your foreign currency RDA account as well as  Non Resident Rupee Value Account

Q4. Are there any charges associated with performing donations/zakat?

A. No, there are no additional charges associated with donation/zakat payment.

Q5. How will I know that the donation has been made once done?

A. After you have made the donation from the internet banking portal, a receipt will be generated specifying your payment donation details and confirmation that the donation has been made.

Q6. Can I donate from my Roshan Digital Account by visiting any HabibMetro Branch?

A. No, this donation service is purely digital which is present on our internet banking portal.

Q7. How long does it take for the charitable organization to receive the donation?

A. The donation payment is real time, hence, upon successful generation of your transaction receipt, the charitable organization will receive your donation.

Required Documents

  • Original Scanned Valid Identity Document (CNIC/ SNIC/ NICOP/POC, POR etc)
  • Original Scan Passport Valid Passport (first two pages, Pakistan and/or foreign/other countries)
  • Proof of NRP status (Scanned copy of POC, visa entry/exit stamps on passport etc.)
  • Proof of profession and Source of income / Funds (scanned copies of any of the following: Job certificate, tax return, rent agreement, salary slip, etc.)
  • Scanned Signature Specimen on white card (with black ink)
  • Live Photo / Digital Photo
  • Valid Overseas Pakistanis Foundation Membership Card (if applicable)

Additional Information

Q1. What is HABIBMETRO Roshan Digital Account?

  1. Roshan Digital Account is an initiative of the State Bank of Pakistan, in collaboration with commercial banks operating in Pakistan. These accounts provide innovative banking solutions for millions of Non-Resident Pakistanis (NRPs) and Resident Pakistanis who have declared their assets abroad seeking to undertake banking, payment and investment activities in Pakistan.

   Q2. Who is eligible for Roshan Digital Account?

A customer is eligible to open a Roshan Digital Account if he/she is:

  • A Non-Resident Individual Pakistani
  • A Resident Individual Pakistani who has duly declared assets held abroad as per the latest wealth statement with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR)

Q3. Which currencies are available for HABIBMETRO RDA?

  1. PKR currency is available for NRP Rupee Value Account (NRVA) and USD, GBP & EUR currencies are available for Foreign Currency Value Accounts (FCVA)

Q4. Can I apply as a joint account holder for RDA?

  1. Yes, you can apply for a joint account.

Q5. How many joint account holders can be included as ‘signatories’ while opening RDA?

  1. Maximum of (03) joint account holders can be included as ‘Signatories’ while opening RDA.

Q6. How do I apply for RDA?

  1. Non-Resident Individual Pakistanis can apply for RDA via Habib Metro online portal at https://roshandigital.habibmetro.com/ Account opening video tutorial for RDA can also be viewed for reference and guidance at our website.

Resident Individual Pakistanis can open their Roshan Digital Account by visiting any one of our RDA designated branches provided below:

  • DHA Shahbaz Priority Karachi
  • Alfalah Court Karachi (Islamic Branch)
  • DHA Z Block Lahore
  • F-7 Markaz Islamabad


Q7. How long will it take to open my account?

  1. It takes 48 hours for the account to be opened provided the submitted application is complete and accurate in all respects.

 Q8. What documents are required for the opening of RDA?

  1. The documents required from non-resident Pakistanis are:
  • Original Scanned Valid Identity Document (CNIC/ SNIC/ NICOP/POC)
  • Original Scan Passport Valid Passport
  • Proof of NRP status (Scanned copy of POC, visa entry/exit stamps on passport)
  • Proof of profession and Source of income / Funds (scanned copies of any of the following: Job certificate, tax return, rent agreement, salary slip)
  • Scanned Signature Specimen on white card (with black ink)
  • Live Photo / Digital Photo (selfie)


For Resident Pakistanis, in addition to the bank’s existing account opening requirements, they will have to provide their latest FBR Wealth Statement with assets declared abroad to qualify for Roshan Digital Account.

Q9.  How can I operate my Roshan Digital Account?

  1. You can operate your Roshan Digital Account by registering yourself on our web banking at: https://ib.habibmetro.com/

Q10.  What is the alternative if I do not have a TIN (Tax Identification Number)?

  1. In the absence of TIN, you may provide your residency or iqama number

Q11. What does Repatriable mean?

  1. A Repatriable account enables you to transfer your funds from Pakistan to your bank account outside Pakistan as an outward remittance.

Q12. How do I repatriate my funds?

  1. You can repatriate your funds by initiating a request by filling out the form available  on our website & send the request to the RDA email (rdasupport@habibmetro.com)

Q13. Can I repatriate funds in a currency other than the currency of my RDA?

  1. Yes, you can repatriate in a currency other than the currency of your RDA provided that the currency is available on our repatriation request form.

Q14. Are there any charges associated with the repatriation of funds?

  1. Yes, charges for repatriation of funds/outward remittance are applicable as per our latest schedule of charges.

Q15. How can I remit funds to my RDA?

  1. You can remit funds to your RDA from your bank account situated outside Pakistan by providing details such as IBAN and SWIFT Code. You can use the Swift Code MPBLPKKARDA for transferring funds to HMB RDA.

Q16.  Can I invest funds from RDA?

  1. Yes, you can invest in Government securities such as the Naya Pakistan Certificate (NPC) and Islamic Naya Pakistan Certificates (INPCs). In addition, you can also invest your funds in fixed-term deposit accounts of HABIBMETRO Bank. We are also in the process of providing options to invest in Stocks and Mutual Funds via Central Depository Company – CDC.

Q17.  Can I pay my utility bills through this account?

  1. Yes, you can, through HabibMetro Internet / Web Banking from your PKR Roshan Digital Account.

Q18.  Can I transfer funds within my HABIBMETRO RDA Accounts?

  1. Yes, you can, if you have multiple RDA Accounts at HABIBMETRO, you can transfer funds between them except in the case of a transfer from a Foreign Currency RDA to a Foreign Currency RDA.

Q19. Can I transfer funds to any other bank account from my HABIBMETRO RDA Account?

  1. Yes, you can transfer funds from your RDA to any other bank account in Pakistan, which, however, these funds will be non-repatriable.

Q20. Is debit card facility available for HABIBMETRO RDA?

  1. Yes, available for PKR Roshan Digital Account only.

Q21. How can I request for a Debit Card?

  1.  Debit Card can be requested online at the time of account opening. The Debit Card will be delivered through an international courier service at your mailing address where courier charges will be applicable as per Schedule of Charges

Q22. How can I activate the debit cards?

  1. Roshan Digital Account holders can activate their debit cards by calling our 24/7 Contact Center at +9221 111 142 242.

Q23. Can the debit card be used for Point of Sale (POS) transactions?

  1. Yes, POS transactions can be done both locally and internationally at any accepted VISA POS terminal.    Customers can also withdraw funds from any HABIBMETRO branch providing hPOS facility.

Q24. Can I withdraw funds internationally through the Debit Card?

  1. Yes, ATM withdrawal facility is available internationally through Debit Card

Q25. What is HABIBMETRO Bank’s hPOS facility?

  1.    With HABIBMETRO bank’s exclusive hPOS feature, a customer can withdraw money from any HABIBMETRO bank branch counter through his / her ATM Debit Card.

Q26. Is Cheque Book facility available for HABIBMETRO RDA?

  1. Yes, and the charges are applicable as per the schedule of charges.

Q27. How can I request a Cheque Book?

  1. A cheque Book can be requested online at the time of applying for RDA from our account opening portal. The Cheque Book will be delivered through an international courier service at your mailing address where courier charges will be applicable as per the schedule of charges.

Q28. Are there any deductions on the profit of the NRVA Savings Account?

  1. No, there are no deductions on the profits incurred from the NRVA Savings account.

Q29. Are there any deductions on profit of FCVA Savings Account?

  1. No, there are no deductions on profits incurred from FCVA Savings Account for Non-Resident   Individuals, however, for residents, withholding tax and other government levies, where applicable, are deductible from this account.

Q30. Is Zakat deductible from Roshan Digital Savings Account?

  1. For RDA Accounts, payment of Zakat is exempted.

Q31. What are Naya Pakistan Certificates?

  1. The Government of Pakistan issues Naya Pakistan certificates to enable RDA holders to invest in short term and long-term certificates and earn high returns.

Q32. Which currencies are available for Naya Pakistan Certificates?

  1. Naya Pakistan Certificates are available PKR, USD, GBP and EURO currencies. Only PKR account holders can avail PKR certificates, and FCY account holders can avail in USD, GBP and EURO currencies.

 Q33.  What tenors are available for Naya Pakistan Certificates and Islamic Naya Pakistan Certificates? 

  1. Naya Pakistan Certificates are available in 3-month, 6-month and 12-month, 3 Year & 5 Year tenors.

Q34. How can I invest in Naya Pakistan Certificates?

  1. You can invest in Naya Pakistan Certificates by applying through HABIBMETRO bank’s web Internet banking service.

 Q35.   Can conventional account holder invest in Islamic Naya Pakistan Certificates?

  1. Yes, Conventional account holder can invest in both Conventional and Islamic (Naya Pakistan certificates). However, Islamic RDA account holder can only invest in Islamic Naya Pakistan certificates.

Q36. Is Premature Encashment facility available for NPC?

  1. Yes, the investors can have premature encashment of their certificates. Premature encashment proceeds shall be worked-out such that rate of return accruing to that investor is equivalent to the rate of return of the nearest shorter maturity of Certificates or such rate as may be notified by Finance Division from time to time. However, no profit shall be paid in case of encashment of certificates before completion of (three) months. Customers can only avail premature encashment facility after one month of investment.

 Q37. Is the NPC subject to tax on profit payment? 

  1. Yes, the profit of the Certificate will be subject to deduction of 10% (ten percent) Withholding Tax on profit at source, i.e. profit payment will be made net of tax deduction.

Q38. What would happen to the NPC in case of the death of RDA Account holder?

  1. In case of death of an investor, the payment (principal and profit, if any), will be made to the legal heirs of the deceased investor in accordance with the succession certificate or equivalent documentation in accordance with the law for the time being in force- Referred from FD Circular No. 03 of 2020 of SBP

Q:   What is the Roshan Digital Account?

A:    Roshan Digital Account provides an opportunity for Non-Resident / Overseas Pakistanis to remotely open a bank account, with SBP designated Pakistani banks, through an entirely digital and online process. This account will enable them to avail banking services like fund transfers, remittances, bills & fee payments, and invest in various instruments including stocks/shares.

Q:   Which brokers are currently offering trading accounts for Roshan Digital Account Holders?

A:    To view the list of brokers that are integrated with CDC and offering Roshan Digital Account, please click on the following link:




Q:  What kind of investments can I opt for via the Roshan Digital Account?

A:    Roshan Digital Account offers the following options for investment:

  • Shares quoted on the stock exchange in Pakistan.
  • Pakistani-rupee denominated deposit products of the banks maintaining the account.
  • Pakistani rupee-denominated debt securities of the Government of Pakistan (including Pakistani-rupee, Naya Pakistan Certificates, T-bills, PIBs, Sukuk, and any other registered securities of the government as notified from time to time).
  • Residential and commercial real estate

Q:   What is a trading account and what is its purpose?

A:    A trading account is opened on behalf of the investor with a broker and is used for trading in shares.

Q:   What is UIN and its purpose?

A:    Unique Identification Number (UIN) is used to authenticate each trade and transaction executed in the stock market. Registered UINs are provided to the stock exchange by NCCPL and brokers must enter UIN while trading.

Q:   What is a custody account and what is its purpose?

A:    A custody account is a shared custody account opened with CDC.

Q:   What is DSS and what role does it play in Roshan Digital Account?

A:    Direct Settlement Service (DSS) is a web-based service through which IAS account holders can settle their trades executed at the Stock Exchange directly through their respective IAS account. Investors have to contact their broker only for the execution of trades. Further details about DSS are available on the following link:


Q:    How can I start investing in the Pakistan Stock Market if I have a Roshan Digital Account?

A:    First, you have to select “Investment in Stock Market” on your bank’s portal/website/app. With the following three further steps, you can start investing in the Pakistan Stock Market through Roshan Digital Account:

Click on the ‘Consent’ tab to share your Roshan Digital Account details with the Central Depository Company (CDC) and other capital market entities

Click ‘I Agree to the Terms and Conditions for investing in the Pakistan Capital Market

Selection of Broker


Q:    What happens after I provide the above?

A:    You will receive an ‘Acknowledgement Email’ from CDC as soon we receive the consent and information from your bank.

Q:   What happens after the acknowledgment email?

A:    In 24 hours of receiving the acknowledgment mail from CDC and if your information/ credentials were found complete and correct, you will receive an account opening package email from CDC, comprising of the following actions and details:

  1. Opening of your trading account with your selected broker.
  2. Creation and registration of your Unique Identification Number (UIN).
  3. Opening of your custody account (CDC Account).
  4. Activation of Direct Settlement Service (DSS) in your investor account (if you have opted for the same).
  5. Creation of your CDC web access login ID and password.

Q:   How would I know about the broker’s commission and other trading details?

A:    You will be contacted directly by your broker regarding their fee and commission structure and other trading details. Please note that before the opening of your trading account, the broker will perform their own due diligence and may ask for more details/information.

Q:   Do I need to do anything else before initiating my first trade?

A:    Before you initiate your first trade, you have to initiate a fund transfer request from your Roshan Digital Account to your CDC bank account maintained with your bank (details of which were provided with the Account Opening Package).

Q:   How do I initiate my first trade/purchase transaction?

A:    You can purchase shares through the broker’s online trading app/portal easily within the amount transferred by you to CDC.

Q:   How long after my purchase will I receive the shares in my CDC account?

A:    At T+2 (2 business days after the transaction), CDC will pay cash on your behalf against the purchase and you will receive shares in your CDC account. CDC will notify you about the transaction.

Q:   How do I sell shares?

A:    You can sell your already purchased shares through your broker’s online trading app/portal easily.

Q:   When do I receive the cash against my sale?

A:    At T+2 (2 business days after the transaction), CDC will transfer the shares out of your CDC Account and will receive cash on your behalf, which will be readily available for any further transactions.

Q:   How do I receive my corporate action entitlements?

A:    All corporate action entitlements will be credited to your CDC Account. Your cash dividends will also be made available with CDC. All information regarding corporate actions will be provided to your bank and will be available to you through the CDC access web portal and app.

Q:   How do I pay the broker’s commission?

A:    CDC will pay your broker’s commission from the cash transferred by you from your Roshan Digital Account to your CDC bank account.

Q:   What are NCCPL’s charges and how do I pay them?

A:    NCCPL charges are applicable on the clearing of trades and will be deducted by CDC, details of which will be provided to you. For the schedule of NCCPL’s fee and charges, please refer to


Q:   Is there any additional fee for the direct settlement service?

A:    No, this service is FREE-OF-COST for Overseas Pakistanis.

For more information, please visit:


Market Research Report :

Research Report 6th Aug, 2021

Research Report 13th Aug, 2021

Research Report 20th Aug, 2021


In case you have any further queries, you can:

  1.  Check our FAQs
  2.  Call our 24/7 helpline at (+9221) 111 142 242
  3.  Mail us at rdasupport@habibmetro.com
  4.  Chat with us by using our live WhatsApp service at (+923093141414).

If you require further information or wish to provide any feedback or queries on Roshan Digital Account, you may also visit State Bank of Pakistan’s website at http://www.sbp.org.pk/RDA/index.html or email at RDAsupport@sbp.org.pk

If you are already RDA account holder, you can apply for Roshan Apni Car and for donations / zakat through Roshan Samaaji Khidmat please click here