Habib Metropolitan Financial Services (HMFS)

HMFS, a subsidiary of HabibMetro Bank, is an active member of the Karachi Stock Exchange and offers high quality equity brokerage services to its clients. Since its inception in 2008, HMFS has managed to develop a broad-based institutional clientele which includes Mutual Funds, Banks, DFIs, Pension Funds, Modarabas and Foreign clients. HMFS also provides services to local individuals and Non-Resident Pakistanis in different parts of the world.
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First Habib Modaraba

First Habib Modaraba (FHM), a subsidiary of HabibMetro Bank and a pioneer in the Modaraba sector, has the experience of over three decades of successful business operations. The Modaraba offers various financing services and investment products to its customers. FHM has been securing AA+ long-term rating from Pakistan Credit Rating Agency Ltd., (PACRA) for the last several years. FHM has also received recognition on its performance, corporate disclosure and corporate excellence from reputable bodies, such as NBFI and Modaraba Association, ICAP and ICMAP, Management Association of Pakistan, and SAFA an apex body of SAARC.
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Habib Metro Modaraba

Habib Metro Modaraba (HMM), is a subsidiary of HabibMetro Bank, a pioneer in the Modaraba sector having experience of over three decades of successful business operations. HMM was floated with a view to provide an opportunity to certificate holders to participate gainfully in Riba Free economic development of Pakistan, earn maximum possible income for distribution to the certificate holders so that attractive, sound and lawful Shariah compliant avenues of investment can be provided to them, produce appreciation of capital through increase in value of certificates and generate long-term growth.

HMM participate in various Islamic modes of financing approved by the Religious Board. In addition, the Modaraba wishes to diversify its business by using other avenues of investment as already approved by the Religious Board.

The scope of the Modaraba`s primary business activities is Residual Value (RV) Car Financing model and provide finance for Solar Power solutions.

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Habib Metropolitan Modaraba Management Company (Private) Limited

The Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of HabibMetro Bank. The principal activity of the Company is to manage and float Modarabas and to invest in other Islamic mode of financing.