HABIBMETRO presents HABIBMETRO@Work, a one-stop employee banking solution to complement the financial needs of your staff.


HABIBMETRO@Work is a comprehensive corporate solution for managing your company’s payroll seamlessly with a host of banking privileges for your valued employees.

Through HABIBMETRO@Work you can benefit from the following exclusive services:

  • On-site staff account opening and delivery of first cheque book & debit card
  • Corporate Web Banking portal for real time salary disbursement & other bulk payments
  • Exclusive staff account features & benefits


For your Management Staff – we offer tier-based – HABIBMETRO@Work accounts (Gold & Platinum) with the best-in-class account features to complement their banking needs & lifestyle.

HABIBMETRO@Work Account Features & Benefits:

  • No Initial Deposit or Minimum Balance requirement
  • Free Cheque Book Issuance
  • Free VISA Debit Card Issuance with No Annual Fee
  • Free Cash Withdrawal at all ATM’s nationwide
  • Free Inter-Bank Funds Transfer
  • Free Duplicate Statements
  • Free SMS Alerts Services
  • Free Account Maintenance & Balance Certificates

Additional Information

  • For HABIBMETRO@Work Account Key Fact Statement, please click here

Payroll Cards

For your Non-Management/Blue Collar Staff – we offer HABIBMETRO@Work Payroll Cards which is a simple-to-use PayPak Debit Card with limited features and can be used locally at HABIBMETRO branches as well as supportive ATMs and Point-of-Sale merchants. Funds can be transferred into Payroll Cards from the Employers account only.

HABIBMETRO@Work Payroll Card Features & Benefits:

  • Card Loadable Amount of PKR 500,000/- (Maximum aggregate loadable amount annually)
  • Daily Cash Withdrawal Limit (ATM) of PKR 40,000/-
  • Daily Cash Withdrawal Limit (HABIBMETRO hPOS) of PKR 300,000/-*
  • Daily Spending Limit at POS Supportive Networks of PKR 100,000/-
  • Daily Intra/Inter Bank Fund Transfer (IBFT) & Utility Bill Payment Limit (via ATM) of PKR 250,000/-**
  • No Cross Border/International POS/ATM Transactions/Internet & Online Purchasing
  • No Deposit/Load From Branch Counter
  • Free PayPak Debit Card Issuance with No Annual Fee
  • Free Card Replacement
  • Free SMS Alerts on ADC/Digital transactions

*Limit is inclusive of ATM cash withdrawal limit.
**Limit is inclusive of utility bill payments, mobile top-ups & other payments.

Complimentary Insurance

We care about your staff and their well-being. Therefore, HABIBMETRO@Work accountholders/payroll cardholders will have exclusive complimentary insurance coverage for the following1:

  • Loss of Mobile Phone against snatching & forced deprivation
  • Cash Withdrawal at any ATM/Over-The-Counter Cash Withdrawal at our branches
  • Accidental/Natural Death

In addition to the above, the following will also be offered:

  • Health discounts at labs, pharmacies etc.
  • Auto Insurance at premium rates

NOTE: Insurance coverage pre-underwritten by EFU General / TPL Life and is subject to respective terms & conditions
1As per salary band

Additional Information

  • For Cash Withdrawal/Loss of Mobile Phone/Motor Insurance Key Terms, please click here
  • For Accidental/Natural Death Key Terms, please click here
  • For Cash Withdrawal/Loss of Mobile Phone Claim Form, please click here
  • For Accidental/Natural Death Claim Form, please click here
  • For List of Health Discount Partners, please click here


Q. What is HABIBMETRO@Work?
A. A suite of banking solutions designed exclusively to meet a (client) company’s payroll/salary disbursement requirements seamlessly, while fulfilling their employees’ (also clients) financial needs with a host of banking privileges.

Q. Who is eligible for HABIBMETRO@Work?
A. Individual employees of any corporate/commercial entity that maintains an account with HABIBMETRO.

Q. What are the types of product in HABIBMETRO@Work?
A. The following are the types of product offered in HABIBMETRO@Work:

Category Product Nature Criteria
HABIBMETRO@Work Gold Non-Remunerative Checking Account Monthly Salary between PKR 30,000 – PKR 249,999
HABIBMETRO@Work Platinum Monthly Salary greater than or equal to PKR 250,000
HABIBMETRO@Work Payroll Card Prepaid Payroll Card NCS/Contract/ Labour


Q. Which currencies are available for HABIBMETRO@Work?
A. Only PKR is available for the opening and operation of HABIBMETRO@Work.

Q. How do I apply for HABIBMETRO@Work?
A. HABIBMETRO@Work can only be offered to a company maintaining an account with HABIBMETRO. Furthermore, HABIBMETRO@Work cannot be offered to walk-in customers in an individual capacity.

Q. Can I pay my utility bills through this account?
A. Yes you can, through HABIBMETRO Web Banking/Mobile Banking/ATM.

Q. Is Debit Card facility available for HABIBMETRO@Work?
A. Yes, VISA or PayPak debit card depending on salary band.

Q. Is Cheque Book facility available for HABIBMETRO@Work?
A. Yes, only for HABIBMETRO@Work Accounts.

Q. What is HABIBMETRO Bank’s hPOS facility?
A. HABIBMETRO’s exclusive hPOS feature is where a customer can withdraw money from any HABIBMETRO branch counter through his/her ATM Debit Card.

If you require any further assistance, please call us on (+92) 111-1-HABIB(42242) or visit your nearest HABIBMETRO branch.