Financing Facilities

Local Working Capital Finance

  • Running Finance
  • Cash Finance
  • Local Documentary Bill Purchase
  • Trust Receipt
  • Local Purchase Order
  • Invoice Financing
  • Inland Bills Purchased
  • Commodity Finance.

Foreign Working Capital Finance (Import)

  • A.D
  • Trust Receipt
  • I.M.
  • FCY Loan against FE-25 (Import)

Foreign Working Capital Finance (Export)

  • Finance against Foreign Bills
  • FCY Loan against FE-25
  • Foreign Documentary Bills Purchased
  • Packing Credit
  • FCY Export Bills Purchased

Demand Working Capital Finance


Collateral / Security may vary from product to product. Some types of collateral/security commonly used are:

  • Mortgages (Urban property)
  • Hypothecation of plants & machinery/stocks
  • Pledge of Government Securities
  • Lien on Deposits/Term Certificates

Re-finance Facility

This financing is available to a wide range of SME Clusters / Sectors. Only SME borrowers are eligible to avail financing facilities under this scheme.

Financing is also available for purchase of new imported/local plant & machinery, for BMR of existing units and setting up of new SME units. Moreover, financing can also be availed for import/ local purchase of new generators up-to a maximum capacity of 500 KVA. The capacity of generator shall, however, not be in excess of SME Unit’s in-house energy requirements or up-to 500 KVA, whichever is less.

For more information or assistance with application, please visit a HABIBMETRO Branch branch near you.