Batch Training Programs

Management Trainee Officers (MTO)

We believe in engaging the best talent and developing them by providing adequate learning opportunities in a challenging work environment.

Graduates are hired from across the country for our Management Trainee program through a rigorous screening and selection process. The selected officers are provided comprehensive training spanning over a period of one year, including both classroom as well as on the job training. The training program covers all major areas of banking including, but not limited to, General Banking, Trade Finance, Credit, Islamic Banking etc.

In addition to the above, the MTOs’ growth process is further strengthened by frequent interactions with senior leadership of the Bank. Individual and team-based projects, continuous evaluations and field trips ensure a healthy and competitive learning environment for their optimal learning experience.

This is a fast-track program where we aim to develop future leaders.

Officer Branch Operations (OBOs)

Every growing organization has an appetite for talent. Branch banking, being the core business of the Bank, requires a constant supply of energetic, passionate and trained professionals to enable its growth plans.

We, therefore, keep this talent pipeline alive by hiring and training Officers Branch Operations (OBOs) every year. These young graduates are provided ample training spanning over 2.5 months including both, class-room based and on-the-job training, before they are absorbed in our branch network.

The training covers all major areas of general banking including banking laws and practices, regulatory guidelines, bank’s products, policies and system etc. Constant evaluation throughout the training program ensures optimal learning of the Trainees, thus preparing them for a challenging yet rewarding career.

Trainee Tellers

Tellers are one of the most critical resources of a Bank. It is, therefore, imperative to ensure availability of well-trained tellers at all times. We hire graduates as trainee tellers and provide them with the required learning enforcements to enable them to perform at their best when placed in the branch network.  During the 3.5 month-long training program, the Trainees are given extensive  exposure to theoretical as well as practical aspects of cash handling,  which prepares them for the challenging role they are about  to take on.

Furthermore, in line with our objective of providing our workforce ample opportunities to learn and grow in their careers, Trainees are provided the opportunity to progress towards other areas/functions in general banking operations, depending on their performance and potential.

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