Bharpoor Munafa Term Deposit

HABIBMETRO Bharpoor Munafa Term Deposit offers you most attractive rate of return with an additional bonus profit feature on maintaining & growing your current account deposit.
The account come with unique benefits and features designed to cater to your financial needs and give you hassle free banking experience with us.
Stay Home, Stay Safe & let your deposit grow with Bharpoor Munafa!

Features & Benefits:

  • Tenure: 1 Year
  • Profit Payment: Maturity
  • Currency: Local Currency
  • Link Account: Current Account
  • Profit Rate: 10.75% (Published rate) of 1 Year Term Deposit at the time of TD booking + Bonus rate based on the average balance maintained in TD linked Current Account
  • Premature encashment: Prevailing PLS rate or PLS rate at the time of Term Deposit booking(whichever is lower)
  • TD deposit placement requirement minimum: PKR 500,000
  • Other Charges: All standard charges are as per the SOC

Bonus Payment Slabs:



Average balance of CA Deposit Percentage (%) of TDR

Bonus Rate
Less than 25% Not Applicable
25% – 49.99% 1.00%
50% – 74.99% 2.00%
75% – 99.99% 3.00%
100% & above 4.00%


  • Bonus rates will be determined at the time of TDR maturity / Roll Over and is based on the average balance maintained during the year in Current Account (Linked with Term Deposit)
  • Published rates are subject to change based on SBP policy rate change or bank’s rate revision


  1. Zakat & taxes are applicable as per government rules and regulations
  2. All New to bank (NTB) Individuals or Sole Proprietors accounts are eligible for this product
  3. In Bharpoor Munafa only one TDR can be booked against a Current Account (opened during the current year)