COVID-19 Measures

The Novel Coronavirus/COVID-19 is a pandemic that presents a global challenge. As a responsible financial institution, HabibMetroBank is committed to taking effective measures to combat this pandemic and ensure the safety of its employees and customers while continuing to provide uninterrupted financial services. These measures have been detailed below.

Since this is a developing situation, we will keep updating this page with relevant details as we continue to work towards mitigating the risks presented by the COVID-19.

Operating with selected branches and reduced timings

Under the directives of the State Bank of Pakistan, and in order to ensure minimal exposure of its staff and customers, HabibMetro Bank is operating with selected branches and reduced timings of customer dealings.

List of selected operational branches can be found here

List of temporarily closed branches can be found here

Customers may also call our 24/7 customer contact center at 111-1-HABIB(4222) to find out which HabibMetro Bank branch is operational near them.

Revised timings of our operational branches are:

09:00 AM – 04:30PM (Monday – Friday)

(Friday prayer break: 01:00 – 2:30 pm)

Our branches will remain closed on Saturdays.

24/7  banking services through our digital channels

In this time of uncertainty, HabibMetro Bank remains committed to staying ahead and catering to your banking needs all the time, everywhere. Our customers may utilize our banking services round-the-clock through our digital channels (Mobile App, Internet Banking, ATMs and Visa Debit Cards).

Charges for fund transfers have been waived on all our digital channels, till further notice. Customers may also make utility bill payments and mobile top-ups, as well shop online through our3D secure Visa Debit Cards from the safety of their homes. We strongly encourage our customers to utilize digital channels and avoid visiting branches, for their health and safety. Customers are also advised to avoid cash handling by using our Visa Debit Cards for retail transactions.

To see a list of our active ATMs, click here

Donations To Prime Minister’s COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Fund-2020

The Government of Pakistan is undertaking various initiatives to ensure the health, safety and protection of its citizens. For this purpose, the Prime Minister of Pakistan has launched a fund-raising drive. Through this, Pakistanis within the country and abroad are requested to deposit/transfer funds into the ‘Prime Minister’s COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Fund -2020’.

As a responsible corporate citizen, HABIBMETRO wishes to ensure that maximum financial support is available for the government to make critical arrangements to control spread of the pandemic and offer relief to those affected by it.

HABIBMETRO Bank has opened an account by title ‘Prime Minister’s COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Fund -2020’ (A/C #: 06-01-01-20311-714-587933) (IBAN # PK25 MBPL 0101 0271 4058 7933) to collect funds of staff, account holders and the general public who wish to contribute to this worthy cause. All operational branches of HabibMetro Bank will be accepting funds via cash and cheques; the Bank will also process donations to the account via online transfers through ATM, Internet Banking and Mobile App.

Supporting Businesses & Their Staff Through SBP’s Refinance Scheme

The State Bank of Pakistan has introduced a temporary re-finance scheme for businesses’ payments of wages/salaries to workers/employees in order to limit the adverse impact of the COVID-19 on employment. Through this scheme, businesses can borrow from HabibMetro Bank to pay wages/salaries to their staff and enjoy easy repayment schedules.

Supporting Businesses, Importers & Exporters Through SBP’s Restructuring/Refinance Schemes & Other Relaxations

To mitigate the financial impact of decreased economic activity, depletion in borrowing/repayment capacity and liquidity contraction in economy, the SBP has introduced various measures, in addition to the above-detailed scheme, including:

  • Relaxed credit, payment and FX regulations for exporters and importers
  • Re-scheduling/re-structuring of credit and deferment of payment for businesses (applicable SBP concessional financing schemes as well)
  • Temporary Economic Re-Financing Facility (TERF) for businesses – lending at a fixed 7 percent for new projects
  • Re-finance facility for registered hospitals & medical centers catering to COVID-19

HabibMetro Bank offers relief to its clients through the above-listed facilities and concessions.

Health, environment & working measures

We endeavor to provide a safe environment for our staff, customers and stakeholders by checking the temperature of entrants at our premises, regular disinfection of our premises, distribution of face masks/gloves and encouraging our staff and walk-in customers to use sanitizers regularly. We also discourage physical proximity by physically spreading the seating arrangement in waiting areas.

We have strongly urged only critically required staff to continue working at office/branch premises, while the rest of staff has been advised to work from home, wherever possible. Staff over the age of 60, and those with health conditions such as diabetes, heart issues and respiratory problems have been urged to stay at home, even if working from home is not a possibility.

Creating awareness among people on safety measures

Through our social media and internal communication, we are continuously encouraging our customers and employees to stay home, practice social distancing, maintain hygiene practices and take necessary precautions to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. To find out more about our external communication in this regard, please visit our official Facebook page here

To find out more about measures being taken by the State Bank of Pakistan please visit http://www.sbp.org.pk/corona.asp

Precautionary and advisory communication issued by the Pakistan Banking Association can be viewed here